Mad Max

We are happy to present Mad Max a Hires action game written by Daniel Henderson

Mad Max is a game he wrote using Sellam Abraham's Hires sprite drawing system.

Max is his beagle and he has to avoid the pumpkins and eat all the bones. The game was compiled using TASC.

System Requirements

Mad Max runs on an Apple ][+ or better with the following minimum system requirements:

  • Apple ][+ or better
  • 6502 CPU and min. 48 kB RAM
  • Optional: Joystick


Getting the Game

The game is free of charge. However, we charge for sending you a physical copy of the game on floppy disk.

Physical Copy

Interested in a physical copy of the game on 5.25" floppy disk? Drop us an email in order to receive information about availability and pricing.

Free DSK-Image

Visit our shop to receive your free DSK-image for playing the game in your favourite emulator or to use it with your floppy emu! The game is free for download there:


The game is controlled via keyboard or joystick. On startup of the game you can select the input device and change the keyboard commands to your needs.

Known Bugs & Limitations:

  • None at the moment.


  • Code & Graphics: Dan Henderson
  • HIRES Sprite Engine: Sellam Abraham
  • Additional Advice: Dr. N. H. Cham
  • Hosting & Disk Distribution: 8-Bit-Shack