Oubliette 2021

Hark! The rogue knight Lord Adlington hath trapped your heart the Princess Prestbury in his Oubliette.

Use your chosen keys to move Sir Shrigley around the maze. Every time you land on a pressure pad a door will open or close. Rescue the Princess and every blessing shall be yours!!

The game runs directly from 5.25” floppy. The floppy has two sides A and B and you are required to flip the disk over during gameplay.

After booting a system check for 128k RAM is performed which is required for installing a RAM disk system which is used for the storage of graphics screens and sounds.

System Requirements

Oubliette 2021 runs on an Apple //e or Apple IIgs with minimum 128 k RAM. The game runs at any speed but best is 1-3mhz. Please make sure Uppercase is selected before you start the menu sequence.

  • Apple //e or Apple IIgs
  • AppleSoft Basic in Language Card or ROMs
  • 6502 CPU
  • min. 128 kB RAM
  • Optional: MockingBoard for playback of the soundtrack*

The game probably won't run properly on an Apple //c or //c+. There have been bug reports when trying to play it on those machines. Please try with a digital copy of the game first if it runs on YOUR machine before ordering a physical copy!

Getting the Game

Physical Copy

Physical Copy

Interested in a physical copy of the game on 5.25" floppy disk? Click the button below in order to purchase your physical copy (35€ including shipping and handling)! You will receive:

  • Physical 5.25" floppy (new old stock) with handmade disk sleeve and uniquely designed disk label in a retro ZipLoc bag
  • Color printed manual
  • Digital version of the game, PDF-files of manual, disk sleeve and disk label
  • Free 8-Bit-Shack sticker


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Digital DSK-Image

Interested in getting a digital version of the game for 8€ including digital versions of the manual, disk sleeve and disk label to produce your own physical copy of the game or play the game in your favourite emulator or to use it with your floppy emu? Get it fast and easily from our Digital Distributor:

Game Synopsis

Oubliette 2021 The Sequel! ‘Adlington’s Revenge’ is a unique and hard to solve puzzle game which presents new challenges on each of the 5 levels.

Without giving too much away, you need to rescue the princess in each dungeon by stepping on the pressure plates to open and close doors in order to make your way through the dungeons.

Watch out that repeated stepping on the plates closes doors and reopens them again. Plan your journey through the dungeons well!

Hint: Use a pen and paper if needed to work out which pressure plates open which doors and remember how many times you have activated the pads!


Keyboard control only – you can select your own keys.

The game comes preset to the four arrow keys but you can choose your own direction keys in the game menu (uppercase).

Game Development Annotations

From Daniel Henderson:

I wrote Oubliette 2021 in AppleSoft again with the idea of using the RAM drive to store the map sections. The game play is similar to the original but with a couple more quirks!

I gave it to Tom to put some MockingBoard music in the background, but he took the game and made it into an absolute epic creation. He added sections of animation between levels and at the start and end of each individual level and basically took the game to the next level.

Oubliette 2021 is a modern Apple II classic which deserves an accolade in the software halls of fame! Enjoy.

From Tom Porter:

When Daniel sent me Oubliette 2021, it was nearly in a finished state, but he asked me to spruce it up. First off at the intro screen, I took an old 1980's nibble program that acted like a hi-res magnifier to add the 'door entrance' effect. Later on, used it effectively to enlargen characters on introductions to levels, making them larger than life "so to speak".

Mentioning speech, there are numerous sound and speech effects littered without, and a fully voiced game introduction. Next, set to work adding MockingBoard music, resulting in 7 full songs, one for each of the levels. At this point, data usage was getting quite large, so we employed Qkumba's LZ compression schemes to fit it all into disk and memory. To top it off, a cinematic double-lores game ending sequence was added.

So much digital goodies it could only fit on 2 floppy disks. In general, I am very happy with the results... solid (if not frustrating at times) game play and excellent multi-media effects (at least on an Apple II).



  • Game Logic, Code & Graphics: Dan Henderson
  • Special Effects & Sound Programming: Tom Porter
  • Greasy Graphics System: Sellam Abraham
  • Hosting & Disk Distribution: 8-Bit-Shack