The Fast Frame Editor for the Apple //e enhanced (or better) let's you create fast frame animations in Double LORES. You can load double lores images from almost any source and edit them with the tools of the fast frame editor. Up to 10 frames are possible. The tool includes a built-in animation feature that let's you playback your animations.

It is planned to develop a &-library for using the double lores animations you created from any AppleSoft Basic program.

The intro sequence of the editor is a mini demo itself playing music via the MockingBoard and showing a small animation frameset:

System Requirements

FFEdit runs on an Apple //e enhanced or better with the following minimum system requirements:

  • Apple //e enhanced, IIc, IIc+, IIgs
  • 65C02 CPU and min. 128 kB RAM
  • Optional: MockingBoard (no intro soundtrack without MockingBoard - but the editor itself does not need it.)

Getting the Tool

The tool is free of charge. However, we charge for sending you a physical copy of the tool on floppy disk.

Physical Copy

Interested in a physical copy of the editor on 5.25" floppy disk? Drop us an email in order to receive information about availability and pricing.

Free DSK-Image

Visit our shop to receive your free DSK-image for working with the editor in your favourite emulator or to use it with your floppy emu! The tool is free for download there:


The tool is controlled via keyboard only. Here is a command summary:

  • CTRL-Q: Quit FFedit (Caution: direct exit! Save your changes!)

PLOT-Mode (Standard)

Key Action
Cursor Keys Move cursor around
SPACE Plot pixel
C Color selection menu pop-up
S Save a single frame
L Load a single frame
F Fill whole screen with current drawing color
RETURN Toggle pen mode -> pen up/down, draw with cursor keys
U Undo last operation(s), only one undo possible
I Display current frame number for a second
A Animation menu
D show disk directory
, (comma) Select frame number -1
. (full stop) Select frame number +1
1 Move current frame to backup area (caution: voids undo!)
2 Restore current frame from back area (as undo)
5 Select area to copy
6 Paste copied area
9 Save frameset to disk
0 Load frameset from disk

Color Selection Submenu

Key Action
Cursor Keys Move color selection cursor
RETURN  Select color
B Abort color selection


Save/Load Submenu

  • Enter the requested filename and press RETURN
  • To abort the function just press RETURN without any filename
  • Disk errors with error code are displayed if operation is not successful

Pen Mode

  • RETURN toggles pen mode from drawing to undrawing and vice-versa
  • Higher cursor blinking frequency is pen UP
  • Lower cursor blinking frequency is pen DOWN


Animation Menu

  • Select frames FROM and TO for animation with cursor keys (left/right cursor)
  • Select animation speed from 0 (slow) to 5 (fastest) with cursor keys
  • Animation starts and circulates all selected frames until a key is pressed

Save/Load Frameset

  • Select frames FROM and TO that should be saved with cursor keys
  • Enter a filename
  • Disk errors (e.g. file not found) are displayed with their respective ProDOS error codes
  • To abort press RETURN without entering a filename


Copy/Paste Function

  • Select copy area with the cursor keys. A frame is dynamically drawn around the copy area
  • White frame borders are also belonging to the active copy area!
  • Paste the area back on any desired frame
  • Move paste area with the cursor keys, SPACE places the paste area
  • Abort copy and paste function with Q
  • Last paste operation can be undone with U

Known Bugs & Limitations:

  • ProDOS errors are only given with a numerical code. Please refer to a ProDOS reference guide in order to find out more about the error code!


  • Graphics: Dan Henderson
  • Double Lores Code: Marc Golombeck
  • Music: Last Warning (EA from Antares)
  • Additional Advice: Dr. N. H. Cham
  • Hosting & Disk Distribution: 8-Bit-Shack