Identify-][ V.3.00

Identify-][ v.3.00 is an easy to use hardware detection tool for Apple II computers or better. The main program version requires 64 kB of memory and a floppy drive. However, there is also a 48 kB version and an audio file version for cassette use available.

The main software runs directly from a 5.25” or 3.5" ProDOS floppy disk. The 48k version runs from a DOS 3.3 disk and is working on both - Integer Basic and AppleSoft machines. The detection scope of the 48 kB version is slightly reduced compared to the "full" 64 kB version. For the purists there is also a special cassette version of the software available.

After booting the disk the hardware detection will be performed automatically. After successful detection the user can cycle through the menu system and choose different detection result screens or other hardware test options. There is also a joystick test and a RAM test available.

System Requirements

  • All types of Apple II machines (48 kB RAM minimum)
  • 3.5” or 5.25” disk drive or floppy emulator
  • Cassette input port for tape version

Getting the Tool

Physical Copy

Interested in a physical copy of the tool on 3.5" or 5.25" floppy disk? Click one of the buttons below in order to purchase your physical copy (35€ including worldwide shipping and handling)! You will receive:

  • Physical 3.5" or 5.25" floppy (or both) (new old stock) with handmade disk sleeve and uniquely designed disk label in a retro ZipLoc bag
  • Color printed manual with detailed instructions on how to use the tool (14 color printed pages)
  • Digital versions of the tool, PDF-files of manual, disk sleeve and disk label. As an extra you also will receive the 48 kB version as a DSK-image and the audio file of the cassette version (WAV- and AIFF-format).
  • Free 8-Bit-Shack sticker

On machines without AppleSoft Basic in ROM or less than 64 kB of RAM only the special 48 kB version is working! Please order the 48 kB version as a physical copy if you want to run it on these types of machines.

5.25" Disk 5.25" Disk 3.5" Disk All disk bundle
(64 kB RAM - ProDOS) (48 kB RAM - DOS 3.3) (64 kB RAM - ProDOS) (All 3 disks)
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Digital DSK-Image

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Detection Scope and Features

The software detects among others the following machine details:

  • Machine Type:
    • Apple ][, Apple ][+, Apple ][-J, Apple /// in ][+ emulation mode
    • Apple //e, Apple //e enhanced, Apple //e option card
    • Apple //c (all different ROM versions), Apple //c+
    • Apple IIgs
    • Franklin Ace 500 and 2000
    • Laser 128
    • Tiger Learning Computer
    • heuristic unknown clone detection
  • CPU:
    • 6502, 65C02, R65C02 (Rockwell CPU)
    • 65816
    • 65C802 as a best guess if a 16-bit processor gets detected in an Apple //e
  • RAM and RAM-cards:
    • 48k RAM minimum (requires the 48 kB DSK-image or tape version!), 64 kB recommended and required for the full version!
    • 16k Language Card
    • Enhanced 80column card with 64k RAM
    • SATURN RAM card
    • RAMExpress / ZRAM
    • RAMWorks
  • Refresh rate: none / 50 Hz / 60 Hz


  • Accelerators:

    • FastChip (with special report panel)
    • ZIPChip (with special report panel)
    • AppleSqueezer (with special report panel)
    • TranWarp GS (with special report panel)
    • ZIP GSx
  • Video Cards:

    • VidHD
    • Apple II VGA (V2Analog)
  • Additional Detection Features:

    • Joystick: yes / no
    • Emulator: yes / no
    • Clock: yes / no
    • ROMX, ROMXe, ROMXc, ROMXc+: installed / not installed


  • Slot Card Detection:

    • Scanning slots #1 to #7 on every system
    • Scanning slot #0 on the Apple ][ and ][+ machine types for RAM cards
    • Gives feedback about empty slots or unidentified cards
    • Scanning AUX slot on Apple //e, //c, IIgs computers for 80 column cards
  • Slot Card Database

    • Built-in database with over 120 cards for example:
      • Apple2-IO-RPi Card,
      • BOOTi Card,
      • RamFactor Card,
      • CFFA 2000/3000,
      • Yellowstone Disk Controller,
      • SCSI cards,
      • MicroDrive Turbo,
      • Serial cards,
      • 80-column cards,
      • Clock cards,
      • and much much more!


  • User database with the possibility to manually enter up to 31 new cards that are not yet covered by the built-in database. There is also a database editor on the disk which allows you to identify and easily enter the card data to the user database. ID2 first checks the built-in database if the card can be identified and if not, the user database gets checked for identifying the unknown card.

  • Extra: Tiny tool SLOTSUCKER from ID2 V.2.11 which reads the ROM footprint of a card has now been integrated into the database editor. You can suck the ROM data from slot #1 to #7 if you have an unidentified card and add this new card to the user database.


  • SmartPort Sniffer
    • Reads out device data from cards with SmartPort capabilities
    • Tries to identify the connected ProDOS device and medium if possible
    • Feedback about name and logical slot/drive if a medium is inserted
    • Read-out of block size and medium usage statistic


  • Joystick Justify
    • Gives you full control over the joystick port of your machine
    • Calibrate PDL(0) to PDL(3) as Joystick #1/#2
    • Joystick trace field for coarse range checking of the paddle resistors
    • Check button #0 to #2 for function
    • Toggle annunciators #0 to #3 for testing connected devices
    • Toggle the strobe $C04x


  • RAM Review
    • Test up to 128 kB of MAIN and AUX RAM - automatic detection of RAM configuration in your machine
    • Up to 255 passes for burn-in tests
    • 6 different tests performed on every single RAM byte
    • Flipping every single bit of RAM for searching for stuck bits
    • Test of the address lines of every RAM byte
    • Error report of the failed detection byte and wrong bits

Known Bugs and Limitations

Following constraints and limitations of the software are known up to now:

  • No RAM disk support yet (to be included), however, SmartPort capable RAM disk cards will be accessible via the SmartPort Sniffer.
  • The 48 kB version will only detect a Language Card in Slot #0 and not a Saturn Card installed there. Other restrictions may be observed when using the 48 kB version.
  • A graphical menu is only available with the full 64 kB ProDOS-version of the tool. The 48 kB disk or tape version are text-only!
  • No special detection of Apple II clones yet (to be included) - clones will detected as the machine type they shall resemble
  • Only cards that deliver a ROM footprint can be detected by the tool unless there are other tricks that can be used. See e.g., below as examples the detection of a VidHD, Apple II VGA, Z80-card, a MockingBoard or the SATURN RAM Card.
  • Modern cards that simulate other physical cards e.g., the MegaAudio from A2Heaven will not get detected since they show up in the ROM footprint only as the cards they are mimicking so only the simulated cards will get detected. Same is true for accelerator cards like the FastChip which do not leave a footprint in slot memory where they can be detected. Those cards won’t also get detected and likely will never be.
  • Hint: Users with an Integer Basic machine need to use the DSK-image with the 48 kB version which boots directly the binary file. Sorry, SLOTSUCKER is not available in Integer Basic yet!
  • Using accelerators is known to crash SmartPort Sniffer. There seem to be incompatibilities between some accelerators and standard SmartPort interface calls. To be clear here: ID2 uses only documented standard SmartPort calls – there is no coding magic here! If your system crashes while sniffing the SmartPort you could try to inactive your accelerator or check if your card under test really sticks to SmartPort rules. There are problems with modern cards e.g. the Yellowstone controller which also shows incompatibilities.

There are for sure many yet unknown use cases that will show problematic or wrong behavior of the detection tool since detection possibilities are limited. Please report your findings to the email address given below. If you run into any problems when using the software with issues that are not reported here, please let me know:

If you have cards that do not get detected by ID2 please also contact us. You can add the card to your user database and send us the detection results so we can add your card to the built-in database.


  • Code: Marc Golombeck, Dan Henderson
  • Graphics: Dan Henderson
  • Manual: Marc Golombeck, Dan Henderson
  • Additional Advice: Dr. N. H. Cham, Sellam Abraham
  • Special Thanks: All Beta Testers of the Apple II community!