Floppy On Demand

8-Bit-Shack offers a unique new service: We produce 3.5" and 5.25" floppies for you! Do you want to enjoy the real retro experience with floppy disks? You deliver the DSK-images and we make your floppy disks!

If you want to publish your game/tool/demo on real floppy disk in a low volume production our service might be the right choice for you! You can also design your own disk sleeves and labels!

We produce your disks on new old stock floppy disks (black, no brand label, neutral white disk sleeve, optional: individual label / disk sleeve). We can also produce color insert manuals and complete packages in ZipLoc bags.

Contact us for quotes and options!

Pricing Information

Pricing depends on the order volume. Hence it is important to contact us asking for reduced rates when you plan to get more than 10 floppy disks from us! The following table shows some basic prices

Item Pricing
Black floppy disk (new old stock) with neutral white disk sleeve copied with your provided DSK-image, no disk label 5,00 € per disk (up to 10, for more ask us)
Premium color floppy disk (new old stock) from FUJI FILM (mint green or light blue, metallic hub ring) with FUJI disk sleeve and FUJI brand label copied with your provided DSK-image 7,00 € per disk (up to 10, for more ask us)
Premium 8-Bit-Shack disk sleeve (white 120 gm/sqm premium paper with 8-Bit-Shack logo, handcrafted) 2,50 € per piece
Premium disk sleeve with your own design (white 120 gm/sqm premium paper, handcrafted) 2,50 € per piece + 10,00 € set-up fee
Premium disk label (size 3.5" or 5.25", high-tack sticker with 8-Bit-Shack logo) 1,00 € per piece
Premium disk label with your own design (size 3.5" or 5.25", high-tack sticker) 1,00 € per piece + 5,00 € set-up fee
Color manual production and ZipLoc bag product packaging ask us for a proposal
Shipping international tracked up to 500 g 10,00 €
Shipping international tracked from 501 g up to 1000 g 14,00 €
Shipping international tracked from 1001 g up to 2000 g 24,00 €

Sample Images of Manufactured Products

Detail Sample Image
Individual label and disk sleeve made for Identify-][
Five different of our products in ZipLoc bags with individual labels, disk sleeves and color manuals
Individual label and disk sleeve made for Oubliette 2021
3.5" floppy disk and individual label made for Witch Trial collector's edition
Different samples from our own software collection, individual disk sleeves and labels
Angry Birds game as complete product ready for shipping