Planet Invasion

Some people will be familiar with the classic ‘Defender’ game from the 1980’s, yet weirdly, I know the game as ‘Planet Invasion’ on the ‘Dragon 32’ computer.

It has become apparent that the game was either copied or bought under licence. Anyway, I always thought it would be interesting to do a simplified Low Resolution version on the Apple II using Sellam Abraham’s ‘Greasy Graphics’ system which lead to the game Planet Invasion coming to light in early 2020.

Initially released as a digital download only I am now proud to say that you can get this game as a floppy disk copy!

Planet Invasion:right

System Requirements

Planet Invasion runs on all Apple II computers at a preferred speed of 1 Mhz. On the Apple IIgs you may need to turn on ‘Alternate Display Mode’ before you boot the disk as the program uses page 2 of the text screen.

  • Apple ][+ or better with AppleSoft Basic ROMs
  • 6502 CPU
  • min. 48kB RAM


The game uses AppleSoft ROM routines and hence needs AppleSoft ROMs available when being played!

Getting the Game

Physical Copy

Interested in a physical copy of the game on 5.25" floppy disk? Click the button below in order to purchase your physical copy (30€ including shipping and handling)! You will receive:

  • Physical 5.25" floppy (new old stock) with handmade disk sleeve and uniquely designed disk label in a retro ZipLoc bag
  • Color printed manual
  • Digital version of the game, PDF-files of manual, disk sleeve and disk label
  • Free 8-Bit-Shack sticker


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Digital DSK-Image

Interested in getting a digital version of the game for 8€ including digital versions of the manual, disk sleeve and disk label to produce your own physical copy of the game or play the game in your favourite emulator or to use it with your floppy emu? Get it fast and easily from our Digital Distributor:

Game Synopsis

Planet Invasion:right
You are the fighter pilot, try to shoot the enemy UFO as many times as you can before he shoots you and avoid running out of fuel by shooting the fuel rocket which appears intermittently.

You have in your arsenal 5 smart bombs which should be used sparingly but effectively wipe out everything on the screen at that time.

Your high score is saved in a text file so just see how long you can last and try to beat your high score next time!

Game Play & Strategy

Planet Invasion is a single-level endless-scrolling game and as such there are a few items of note that one must be aware of when playing the game.

While the fuel may seem endless in short games where the user dies in short order, the fact is it isn’t. The fuel rocket is what replenishes the users fuel supply.

In order to achieve this, the fuel rocket must simply be shot when it appears on the display.

Flying left or right at increasing speed uses more fuel but allows you room to shoot the enemies more effectively.


Planet Invasion:right
On booting the disk you can select Keyboard or Joystick.

Keyboard controls for Planet Invasion are initially set by the program, however, if you do not like the defaults ones, you can change the controls simply by pressing the K key at the main screen.

The initial controls are shown in the screenshot on the right. Once you have the key controls you like, save the setup. The game will then return you to the main screen.

For the joystick option: button #0 is fire and button #1 is smart bomb.


  • Code & Graphics: Dan Henderson & Sellam Abraham
  • Music: Electric Duet by Paul Lutus
  • Hosting & Disk Distribution: 8-Bit-Shack